Spinal Surgery

Q Brain & Spine, specialist spinal surgery, Brisbane

Dr Ross Gurgo provides complete surgical care in the treatment of all spinal related conditions, including disc protrusions, spinal stenosis and deformity conditions of the spine. He also has quaternary experience in anterior approaches to the thoracolumbar spine.

Spinal Surgery

- discs protrusions of the cervical, thoracic, lumbosacral spine
- spinal stenosis
- degenerative deformity conditions of the spine including:
    - spondylolisthesis (‘slip’ of the spine)
    - degenerative scoliosis
    - degenerative disc disease causing refractory lower back pain 
    - spinal tumours, post-traumatic fractures and disorders of the craniocervical junction.
    - degenerative (lumbar) disc disease

Complete Spinal Care

We use advanced techniques to attain the best possible surgical result. These include:

  • fusion techniques
  • motion-preserving techniques (disc replacement)
  • minimally invasive and anterior surgical approaches to expedite recovery and intraoperative computer-guided navigation (stereotaxy)

Dr. Ross Gurgo has advanced quaternary training in the management of spinal disorders. He is one of Brisbane’s leading spinal surgeons and has completed an AOSpine-recognised international spinal Fellowship in Toronto, Canada.

All spinal surgery is undertaken at the Brisbane Private Hospital.

Trust & Expertise

Dr Ross Gurgo is a Brisbane-based neurosurgeon managing all conditions of the brain and spine. Dr Gurgo is in full time private practice with Q Brain and Spine and undertakes all neurosurgery at The Brisbane Private Hospital. Dr Gurgo is a member of the Australian Medical Association, Neurosurgical Society of Australasia, Royal Australasian College of Surgeons and Medicolegal Society of Queensland.


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