Q Brain & Spine, specialist neurosurgery, Brisbane

Dr Ross Gurgo provides complete neurosurgical care in the treatment of all surgical conditions of the brain, including brain tumours and cerebrovascular lesions.

Intracranial (Brain) Surgery 

Medical Director, Dr Ross Gurgo has advanced specialist training in the surgical management of brain tumours, cerebrovascular lesions of the brain & neurotrauma 

Complete Neurosurgical Care

Treatment of the above conditions often requires multimodality treatment, and Dr Gurgo has a wide variety of medical oncologists,radiation oncologists and interventional radiologists to assist in planning of all stages of treatment and optimise outcome

Surgery is always performed with the use of intraoperative surgical navigation (stereotaxy) to maximise the safety and accuracy of surgery. In the immediate postoperative period patients are managed in Intensive Care to ensure close monitoring and 24/7 medical care.

Trust & Expertise

Dr Ross Gurgo is a Brisbane based neurosurgeon managing all conditions of the brain and spine. Dr Gurgo is in full time private practice with Q Brain and Spine and undertakes all neurosurgery at the Brisbane Private Hospital. Dr Gurgo is a member of the Australian Medical Association, Neurosurgical Society of Australasia, Royal Australasian College of Surgeons and Medicolegal Society of Queensland.


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Appointments & Referrals

Q Brain and Spine is open to appointments and referrals for both clinical and medicolegal reviews in our suites in Wickham Terrace